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Areas of Practice

Commercial and Corporate

We are experienced in advising both individual and corporations on all matters relating to domestic and foreign investment in Vietnam.

 These services include completing necessary investment documents., such as investment applications, articles of association, business cooperation contract, joint venture contract, feasibility study, land lease contract; submitting the investment dossier to investment licensing authorities, following up its progress and obtaining investment licenses or permits for establishing a company for client in Vietnam. We also assist clients also in opening its representative office or its branch offices in Vietnam.

 In addition, we provide advice on other commercial areas such as sale-purchase agreement, agency agreement, distribution agreements, corporate mergers and restructuring, share and business acquisitions as well as conducting market survey services for client.


Employment law

The practice also advises on various aspects of Vietnamese employment law concerning issues relating to drafting employment contract, internal work rules of corporations, collective labour agreement to be signed between trade union and corporation, issues relating to government’s policies/laws regarding salaries, personal income tax, social insurance, recruitment and dismissal as well as compensation upon employment termination, etc. We also protect legitimate rights and interest of client before court or arbitration in employment disputes


Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

The firm has a premier litigation practice before all court levels and arbitration tribunals in Viet Nam. Firm’s lawyers are experienced in settlement of various kinds of disputes, including disputes involving purchase agreement, agency agreement, building, construction and engineering projects, cross border joint venture contracts and international commercial arbitration.

In particular:

·         Property law litigation including mortgage, pledge, guarantee, performance of sale and purchase agreements.

·      Disputes relating to partnerships and joint ventures.

·         Complex building, construction and engineering disputes

·         Breach of loan agreement and other commercial disputes.

·         Intellectual property disputes, enforcement of trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights

·         Acting for banks and financial institutions in debt recovery.

·         Corporate insolvency and bankruptcy.

·         Insurance litigation.


Banking, Finance and Securities

The firm has advised on various forms of corporate, project and trade financing as well as drafting of loan and security documents, and rendering legal opinions on a range of banking and financing issues.

The firm acts for banks, financial institutions and borrowers in mortgage finance and other securities-related transactions. We also provide services relating to cross border transactions.



The firm has earned a good reputation for its expertise in settlement of disputes concerning complex building and construction cases. The firm’s clients include joint venture companies and 100% foreign owned companies operating in the field of hotel, office building and apartment business in Viet Nam.  The practice is involving with providing advises on construction laws including advice on pre-tender agreements, construction joint ventures and practice of foreign principal or sub-contractor’s in Vietnam . It has considerable experience in settlement of construction disputes.


Family & Marriage

We provide legal advises in all aspects of family law and matrimonial proceedings. Services include also advice on judicial separation, divorce, custody and maintenance dispute, division of matrimonial assets and other ancillary matters.

To provide also advises on other issues such as marriage between foreigner and Vietnamese citizen as well as the procedures for adoption and guardianship.


Intellectual Property Rights

The range of services provides by this practice included preparation and filing of applications for acquiring ownership right titles of trade marks, service marks, patents, utility solutions, industrial designs and copyright. We advise clients on procedures and documents required effecting such registration and protection. We conduct services on pre-searches on registrability related to industrial property objects.. We draft and/or review licensing, technology transfer agreements and franchising contracts as well as have them registered with Vietnam’s authorities in light of their rights and benefits and relevant laws.

Our intellectual property services involve:

·      Searches

·      Registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, Trade secrets and unfair-competition

·      Licensing, technology transfer and Franchising

·      Copyright

·      Maintenance of intellectual property rights

·      Infringements watching and monitoring services

·      Filing claim/appeals and representing clients against infringement of their protected intellectual property objects in Viet Nam.

Criminal Litigation

Representations in capital cases.

Advice and representations in commercial frauds.

Advice and representations in general criminal litigation.



The firm acts for individuals, corporation (public and private), banks, financial institutions, statutory boards and major developers in Viet Nam. We provide comprehensive legal services for all aspects of work relating to the development of property.

The firm’s services includes advice on sale and purchase agreements for individuals units, commercial and residential buildings and en-bloc sale of properties, joint ventures for building and property development, building and construction agreements, developing master agreements for tenancy agreement .

The firm is recognized for its expertise in resolving complicated problems on titles to land, mortgages and other issues relating to the Land Law.


Marine, Shipping and Insurance

The firm provides advice and represents the interests of companies in marines, admiralty, shipping and insurance related matters. The firm’s clients include ship owners, shiryards, charterers, and other companies


Medical Registrations

We also assist clients in preparing their application documents, fling them with the Ministry of Health, following up its progress and obtaining any prescribed licenses for company’s activities such as import and sale permits of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and drink products in Vietnam.

Our services include the following to obtain :

·      Company Licenses (pharmaceutical industry)

·      Product Licenses (Import & Sale Permits)

·      Product Labeling and Regulations

·      Product Quality Registration

·      Assess and Select Distribution Network

Due diligence services

We conduct market survey, analyze data and assist clients in determining market potentialities for their products. Building upon this data, we work closely with clients to develop realistic business plans and marketing strategies.

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