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Managing Partner






Tran Van Son


Master of Law
Attorney At Law – Member of Ha Noi Bar Association


Position held

Managing Partner of Tran Son & Associates Law Firm (Room. 202, House C1C, Alley 36 Lang Ha Street, Ha Noi -Viet Nam. 

Tel: 84-4-37764068; Fax: 84-4-37764104
E-mail: vplstranson@vnn.vn

Languages : 

German, English and Vietnamese

Training & Working Experience:


Graduated faculty of Economic Law at theMartin Luther University in Germany


Worked as a teacher at Hanoi College of Law

1988- 1990:

Worked as interpreter in Germany


Studied English in Hanoi, Vietnam

1992 - 1994:

Worked as Attorney at Law for a investment consultancy company;


Licensed a certificate on Patent/Trademark Attorney by NOIP


Worked as Attorney at Law at Tilleke & Gibbins Law firm. (Thailand);

1997 - 2001:

Attorney at Law of SMC Law Firm. Member of Nam Dinh Bar Association.

Since 2001:

Attorney at Law, Managing Partner of Tran Son & Associates Law Firm. Member of Ha Noi Bar Association.

Since 2002 :

Invited teacher of the Judicial Institute (School for training of judges and lawyers of Viet Nam)

Since 9/2005 - 9/2008:

Vice Chairman of Ha Noi Bar Association - in charge of International Relation Department

9/2008 – 11/2013:

Board Member of Ha Noi Bar Association

1/2010 to date:



11/2013 to date:

Member of the Economic Committee ofVietnam Bar Association


Member of the Disciplinal and Reward Committee of Ha Noi Bar Association

Other training Courses:


Graduated the training course on “Skills in drafting and negotiating international contract” organized by the International Development & Law Institute (IDLI)


Graduated the training course on I.P. law organized by NOIP


Graduated with excellent degree on Master of Law at the Institute for Sate and Laws with the theme “Mortgage over Assets as security measure for the performance of Loan Agreement between commercial banks & enterprises”

Main Activities involved:

-   Providing legal services in disputes settlement (litigation/pre-litigation) at courts and arbitration centers, specialized in: construction, corporate, civil & commercial, employment, lease/sale of assets, intellectual property.

-     Providing foreign and domestic investment consultancy services.

Some recent awards:

2010:        TranSon & Associates has been ranged by Asialaw (Hongkong) as notable Vietnamese law firm in dispute resolution;               

2011:        Tran Van Son as Managing Partner of TranSon & Associates has been ranged by Chambers and Partners (UK) as leading lawyer in dispute resolution